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Lisa Commentucci – Lowden wins Woman of the Year for Fine Arts

Fine Arts Award:

Lisa Commentucci Lowden is a professional singer, songwriter, website designer, graphic artist and dancer.

Majoring in Graphic Arts at Eastridge High School, she began her work career directly after high school. Lisa worked at Burrough’s as a mechanical artist and plate maker for over 10 years. In 1999 she created her own website design company (Wyld Woods Media) and is completely self-taught, with over 75 clients in the Rochester, NY area and around the country.

Her dance career started at the age of 16 and continued for 20 years, teaching and taking many forms of dance. Her forte is Martha Graham Modern Dance. She taught dance at the Cobblestone Arts Center in the 1980’s.

In 1994, Lisa met her husband who is a musician and with his continued support, she pursued a singing career. They are currently in two acoustic bands together. Lisa’s past bands were Instant Karma, Entwined, and The Imaginary Band. Lisa is now in Nightfall Duo and Nightfall After Dark. Lisa is a self-taught percussion and harmonica player who puts on an energetic stage show.

winningLisa’s father (Commentucci) is from L’Aquila, Italy and came to the US when he was 19. Her mother’s family was from Sicily. (Mugavero). The Commentucci family still resides in the family home and has now turned it into a Bed and Breakfast, restaurant and an educational, working farm.
(La Canastra).

Lisa currently resides in Irondequoit, NY with her husband Steve, son Michael and daughter Hannah.